Top 10 reasons you should not waste your time coming to Japan to work

Posted: February 13, 2012 in japan
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Top 10 reasons why you should not come to Japan to work

  1. You will more than likely be wiping snotty kids noses than teaching English.
  2. If you don’t know any Japanese and we don’t mean good morning and how much is this you are going to hate it.
  3. If you are coming to Japan to make money you have over shot the mark. You have to go West to Korea since that is where the money is being made these days.
  4. Once again referring back to the language thing if you can’t read Japanese (and we are talking Kanji here folks) you may make the mistake of buying some food that glows a nice lime green in the dark.
  5. The old story of getting all kinds of hot Japanese chicks….. well sorry to burst your bubble but the only tail you will be getting is the 30+ crowd aka the freaks of Japanese society. Since in Japan if you are a woman and haven’t been snapped up by 30 well…. lets put it this way things ain’t looking so good for ya.
  6. Unless you live in Okinawa you are going to hate the fact that you can see your own breath inside your apartment in the winter time.
  7. Ah summer time when you get crammed inside a nice packed full train filled with guys wearing 3 piece suits and no pit grease (get where I am going with this one 😉
  8. You will be without any true friendships like you had back at home. Oh trust us the Japanese will come crawling out of the woodwork to be your friend so you can be their shiny new English speaking friend. Ahhh thanks but no thanks.
  9. You will suddenly be 3 years old once again not being able to do anything without someone assisting you. (Get the hydro hooked up, get a cell phone, get an apartment good luck with that one unless you don’t mind living in the leper colony apartments they have set up specifically the “foreigners.”
  10. Imagine a country not a state the size of ummm California with a population of  over 125 million people in it….need I say more.

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