Surviving on nicotine and alcohol in Tokyo Japan

Posted: February 23, 2012 in japan
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Some of you out there say that it can’t be done?
But there are those of you out there that know damn well it can be.
So for the nay sayers scram.
And for the ya sayers read on.
Now my current diet consists of mainly nicotine, alcohol and at light sprinkling of caffeine.
To be perfectly honest the only reason there is any kind of trace of caffeine in me diet is well because ya have to keep your buzz going.
And sometimes ya needs a little jump start so to speak.
Now alcohol once consumed in masses that would kill a mere mortal tends to hmm how can I say this lightly kind of slow your responses so to speak for even gods like myself.
And living in a room with a floor made out of rice straw and drinking 24/7 one can kind of see a tad bit of a fire hazard on the horizon?
So in order to make sure me ashes from my dart make it into the human skull I use for an ashtray (and no it is not real…. or is it……hahaha) I have to consume some sort of neutralizer that keeps me motor functions running like a…. well lets just say running.
So in comes the best thing since VHS tapes.
Now you might be wondering why am I going down the VHS tape path.
Well because with the invention of the VHS tapes you were finally able to watch porn at home in the comfort of your own home and not have a super 8 projector.
Now with the internet you can do all of your porn watching right on your puter. Which reminds me I really have to clean this keyboard the space bar is sticking đŸ˜‰
Some of you may say the invention of electricity or the automobile or the polio vaccine. (Ok I am stretching it a bit thin there) may be the best invention that man has ever made.
But come on people.
Previous to the VHS tape you had to go to a theater with the rain coat greasy haired pervs and be surrounded by the sound of macaroni being swirled around in a pot. (Just close your eyes and imagine it, you know what I am saying)
So can I get an amen for the invention of the VHS tape.
Since people ya has to know how porn has evolved through the ages.
I thinks people are spoiled these days. Just pressing a button and typing in 4 or 5 letters and Bam you have access to some of the best porn collections on the planet.
Note I said some of the best porn collections.
Since I have in me possession the BEST porn collection.
Enough said.
Cheers bitches it’s time for a dart and a suntory blast! Good times!
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