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Now for anyone whom as ever made the trip over here to Japan one thing that pretty  much everyone and their dog notices is the over abundance of high end brand items.

You would be pretty hard pressed to not walk down the streets of any city and see those damn ugly brown and gold LV bags.

Be it purses,wallets, backpacks you name it you will see the brown ugliness pretty much everywhere you look.

Now if you are completely unfamiliar with the Japanese culture and live for example in the United States your first thought would be man there is a whole shit load of fake LV over here.

Well I am not naive enough to not think that some of them yes are knock offs but a vast majority of them are real as the day is long.

Which would leave on to think then how the hell are they able to afford all of that stuff?

Well folks the reality is that most Japanese live with their folks rent free and when I say rent free I mean an all inclusive package.

Their mama’s still do their laundry prepare their lunches and some even pay for their cell phones.

Yet they are working at a full time job bringing in around 2-3 grand a month

Yes folks life ain’t so bad in Japan.

So with that kind of cash lying around they can afford to pay the outrageous prices for that brown ugliness.

That and eat out and go drinking pretty much anytime they want.

Now some of you might be thinking well what happens if you get yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Well that ain’t a problem over here either since Japan has you covered via their love hotels.

The hotels that you rent by the hour to do the deed.

Since chances are if your mother is a house wife she ain’t going to be going out for any extended periods of time that you can get together with your significant other and bump uglies.

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